The Greatest Love of All...

Learning to love your character... Well, that's what's happening to me. This week, we're doing character work. Zoƫ gave us all a list of things to think about. Main personality traits? Parents? Major past events in life? Hobbies?

Meredith, the bride-to-be's bossy, socially slightly inept, possibly autistic colleague who claims the role of bridesmaid... Well, the truth is, I love her to bits. I think I did from the word go.

Why? I think she's the only healthy female in the play. She has boundaries and she's very clear about them. Yet she's able to bend those boundaries when necessary. A person who knows what she likes and doesn't like, what she wants and what she's willing to put up with, is a wonderful thing.

And she is always "100 per cent honest". Some of my fellow actors say she's "rude". I just think she's a bit unaware of social rules or then she simply chooses to ignore them because she's never been too good at sussing out situations anyway. She's incredibly tolerant of other people's idiosyncracies - although she will point them out immediately. And don't get her started on cheese. Other than that, she's a lovely gal.

Moreover, I'm guessing she's sexy. In a weird, nerdy, dominating way. She knows how to get guys. She's realistic and straightforward. She's not so good at making friends and dancing that little dance we call female friendship, however...

But, as with everything she takes on, she is determined to get female friendship and the whole bridesmaid business right.

Oh, and she bases her ideas of what people do in given situations on what she's seen in movies. In that, we are very similar.

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