Who's on first?

One of the problems of amateur theatre is that people have lives outside the play. I know, inconsiderate or what? So rehearsals have to be scheduled around people's work and family commitments. We cast this play a bit on the late side – yes, I still class a week before the start of rehearsals as 'a bit' – which meant that some people had already made commitments for February.

After much cursing and comparing of spreadsheets, I finally had a rehearsal schedule in front of me – only to realise that I would not get the whole cast together until mid-March...

We survived the first month with random people reading in for whichever cast member was absent that day. Luckily, usually just the one – although a different one each time. By the end of February, even I was starting to forget whom I'd cast where.
At times, it felt like I was directing a zany romp by the Marx Brothers or Albert & Costello. When someone did in fact ask, 'Who's on first?', it was only with great restraint that I did not reply, 'Yes'.

And then, when everyone was finally scheduled to be together, we encountered the next 'minor hitch', as Milton would term it. That is, however, a topic for a whole other post, so I'll leave you in suspense until then...

But for the detectives among you, here's a snap from that rehearsal. Now whatever is going on here?


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