That's my line!

For the past couple of weeks our actors have been rehearsing 'off book', which means they think they know their lines. Or, at least, they assure the director that they know them.

I then am tasked with being 'on book', which means I keep them on an even keel when they think they have lost it. I have to say though they aren't losing it all that much, which is great. We even seem to be over the phase of me being eyeballed by the actors during a scene as I will, inevitably, look up at the person in question when they are late coming in with their line. It seems my head movements are a brilliant cue for lines- but my head will not be available to give line cues during performances so I am slowly weaning them all off it.

As always happens with plays when lines are becoming more familiar during rehearsals, we all develop our favourite quotes. This is happening to me at the moment as there are many hilarious one liners in the script. The only downside , for me, to the actors knowing their lines so well is that they call on me for a line less and less- and so the chances of me being able to say my favourite lines are also becoming less and less. There is one in particular that I am dying to be called for but I guess you'll just have to come see the play to try and figure out which one it is ;-)

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