Becoming Gloria

Now that the lines are starting to come out fluently (emphasis on starting to) and the blocking is pretty much set in my head (emphasis on pretty much), the process of becoming Gloria is reaching the stage of focusing on details; finding the little things that make Gloria the glorious person she is.

I’ve always found this part of acting most interesting and fun, when the practicalities are not bothering you anymore. With becoming Gloria, this part is especially challenging though, since there are a few key characteristics that make us so different. No, I am not unfortunately talking about her attention seeking tendencies or the underlying bitchiness. I don’t have to dig very deep to find source material for those :).

The challenge is to find the older woman and especially the mother in me. With becoming old its more about the physical things – how does an older woman talk, how does she walk, how does she sit etc. For these things I have found observing (almost like stalking, but not quite) people at eg. public transport very useful. However, figuring out how much does being a mother affect your personality as a whole and in what ways, is trickier.  How much does being a mother define you, especially when you don’t have any other profession? As you will soon see on stage, there is also a clear difference between how Gloria treats her son and her daughter. Why does she do that? Finding the answers to these kinds of questions is more about who Gloria is on the inside, and that’s what makes it tricky. It is also essential to have thought about these things, so that Gloria feels real, which is my ultimate goal.

A little while back, we had a character development session, in which we began figuring out the answers to these kinds of questions together. A lot of things became clearer to me, but there is still some thinking work to be done. For the end result, you just have to wait until the shows in April :).

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