Climate creep

Woman overlookingAre you a victim of "climate creep"? That means whatever interaction you are trying to have with someone on matters trivial or serious somehow turns into a discussion on the climate crises? As covid subsides, it seems to be getting worse and worse. Melanie was looking forward to a romantic holiday in Spain with her secret lover and suddenly found herself surrounded by climate experts and denialists in heated debate about the near collapse of the Madrid climate talks.

What a holiday downer! What is going on here anyway? Why don't people stop bickering and start solving the problem? We have all the needed technology, but things just keep getting worse and worse. What with wildfires, hurricanes, glaciers crashing on polar bears, and deadly ticks invading the parks.

Her secret friend Art just seems to be obsessed with making a multimillion coal sale and buying a romantic love-nest mansion in California. Isn't that where all the wildfires are? He doesn't seem to get it.

Why aren't people listening to her newfound aboriginal friend or the amiable professor, Peter, who seem to know the real scoop? Pols like George go from one conference to another saying "we'll fix it folks", but they aren't. Finance guys like Smith see through it all and make a percentage on every deal whether they help the crises or not. Usually not.

Melinda decides to bolt from this madhouse of a conference and finds herself at a bullfight. The matador steps into the ring to confront the bull. Followed by Art. She runs for the exit. There doesn't seem to be one! Climate creep closes in on her.

Text: Ahti Tolvanen
Photo: creativecommonsstockphotos