Popping a cherry

BlockingPutting a scene to bed...Yes - after all these years with the Players, I have dared, for the first time, to try out the director's chair. It's different being on the other side of the table, that much is clear. Obviously, I'm having an easy(ish!) ride of it, given I'm co-directing with Pauliina, who's an old hand in that chair, so to speak, and the fact that the cast is both talented and committed as well as hard-working (although don't tell them I said that, as it may make them big-headed). Many are off-script with some scenes already (well done guys! The drinks I promised as books-down carrots need to materialise) and all have put much thought into who they are. Onstage, I mean. 

To prove this point… herewith a photo from the first blocking rehearsal, and Mike has already got a hard-on. It's alright, no need to get worried – it's in the script. 

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