Directing 3.0

At the end of last year, I felt a certain lack of power. A yearning for looking at the big picture. A need for bossing people around (though I think my boyfriend would probably say it's not like that need hasn't been fulfilled pretty much everyday anyway). A craving for taking a handful of people and trying to match their schedules so that we can meet at least once a week. I decided it was about time I'd direct again.

This is only my third time doing this, and my second time co-directing (this time with the lovely bad cop, Anna). As we have been going through the rehearsals, I have noticed that some things don't seem to have changed from the last times. My handwriting still needs some decoding when I write without looking at the paper. I still love making lists. I still feel incredibly excited when the actors do something that looks and feels exactly how I had envisioned it. And it still is just really, really fun to tell people what to do. ☺

The most important difference to the other two times I've directed is that this time I had no part in writing the play. This difference actually is quite an important one, because this time I don't know all the intentions of the author. So, I am there with the cast, peeling away the layers of this onion of a play. We are figuring out the connections and motivations behind each line, behind each action, together. It is a lot more challenging, but in a way, also more rewarding.

We still have over a month before the first show. I can't wait to find out what the end result will be – hopefully you can't either!

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