The Final Countdown

The final count down, yes… Really looking forward to getting to the theatre & working out all the final details. Actually calling them “final details” is an understatement, sound, light, etc, are really essential to making the magic of this play work. Blissfully, we have experienced & talented people managing all of that. Always have good comments on everything… And it makes me feel totally at ease to know that I can trust them to make the magic work.

It’s been quite a challenging play for me, although Daniel & Christian are the ones who have the lion share of the on-stage work. Why challenging? Well, starting with the fact that I don’t have any lines on stage: sounds easy, right? No, not at all. It seems that in those cases all the attention is drawn to every single little movement, gesture & facial expression you make on stage…starting to feel a bit paranoid, really. Getting comments like: “try floating”, “don’t breathe”, “What was that?!? Thought you were trying to kick a football”, “I was thinking you should be more like Margot Fonteyn”. Crickey!!! Have to be at least 20 kilos lighter?!?

And then, the truly fantastic Daniel & Christian…bloody hell, you are great guys!!! What talent… Feel very humble.

The play has been on at the West End for about 13 years, not surprising when you read the play, a gripping & haunting story. Don’t miss it! We’ll be working on making it an experience you’ll never forget….

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