Having lots of cake and not eating it

“I know you, you’re… the cheesecake lady!”

I was, of course, expecting my ‘fan’ to mention some show he’d seen me in, but instead he raved about my Famous Cheesecake. What would Oscar Wilde have said? Something witty about it being better to have your cake talked about than not talked about. (Unless, of course, you’re Marie Antoinette.)

Ah well, backstage and front-of-house crew often complain that their efforts aren’t noted and praised as much as those of the actors, so I suppose I should be grateful.

I’ve just returned from the shops with a kilo of chocolate, a kilo and a half of quark, and over a litre of cream, which can only mean one thing: it’s time for another stint on Front of House.

There was, however, a minor disaster. My usual supplier has stopped selling regular digestive biscuits and now only sells chocolate ones. There were two alternatives: a) stop by another store, or b) make double-chocolate cheesecake. I’ll leave you to guess which option I chose.

Tomorrow is Baking Day. My cheesecake and I will see you in the interval!

The cakes pictured are not associated with the baking in question.The cakes pictured are not associated with the baking in question.
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