Auditions for the festival plays

Auditions for the Festival of English Language Theatre in 2008
Time: Sunday 24 August, 2 pm onwards
Place: FINNBRIT (Fredrikinkatu 20 A 9)

The third Festival of English Language Theatre will be held in November 2008. The Finn-Brit Players are entering four short plays for the festival. Auditions for the FBP plays will be held at FINNBRIT (Fredrikinkatu 20 A 9) in 24 August starting at 2 pm. A short description of the plays and available roles are below. To audition, you just need to turn up at 2 pm—there is no need for any advance preparation. If you would like to audition, but are unable to come to the auditions, you can audition based on previous perfomances; please contact Jack Leo (jack at; 050 384 6740).

Here are the plays:

Zoë Chandler: Plastic Soup. When eco-warrior and businesswoman meet, a battle for love and water takes place in a disused railway tunnel in an inner-city park. Directed by Zoë Chandler. 2 male roles, 2 female roles.

Anton Chekhov: The Bear. When Grigory Smirnov arrives to collect a debt he is owed, the widow Pavlov refuses to pay and insults Smirnov by calling him a bear, which results in a challenge to a duel. Directed by Jack Leo. 2 male roles and 1 female role.

Mickle Maher: An Apology for the Course and Outcome of Certain Events Delivered by Doctor John Faustus on This His Final Evening. In this modern adaptation of the Faust legend, John Faustus, accompanied by his unspeaking servant Mephistopheles, delivers his apology to the audience. Directed by Rebecca Clamp. 2 roles, either male or female.

Oana Velcu: St. Peter Thought He Knew It All. St. Peter has lost the keys to Heaven and is desperately searching for them in a jet plane, where his encounters with the passengers show that life is not always straight forward? Directed by Oana Velcu. 3 male roles, 2 female roles.