Play reading/auditions for a rehearsed reading of 'Privacy'

Privacy Final Print 1 copyWHAT: Play reading/auditions for a rehearsed reading of 'Privacy', written and directed by Meritta Koivisto
WHERE: FINNBRIT (Fredrikinkatu 20 A 9) (MAP)
WHEN: Saturday 7 February 2015 @ 7 pm

Please note that everyone is welcome to take part in the first reading, whether or not you intend to audition for a part in the rehearsed reading on 7 March. At the director's discretion, some of the supporting male roles could be played by women, so women are also encouraged to attend the first reading. Casting decisions will be made promptly after the first reading and all those who choose to audition for a part will be informed of the director's decision.

A two-act drama with black humor, by Meritta Koivisto

A famous author's extreme protection of his private life turns against him in a horrifying way. When a hometown acquaintance from his youth, Lorraine Gray,unexpectedly visits Paul J. Bauer and his wife Maude in their Hollywood Hills mansion, the consequences are unpredictable yet inevitable. Lorraine's portrait shows the fragility of morals, the destruction caused by a manipulative mind and the extent of the darkness it can reach.

Main roles:
MAUDE BAUER – A woman in her late-50s. Frail, plain.
PAUL J. BAUER – Her husband, author, late-50s. Dignified, manly.
LORRAINE GRAY – Maude's long lost high school friend from her hometown, in her late-50s. Tricky.

Supporting roles:
NED LEVOY – A lawyer, about 30. Boyish, charming looks.
BARNABY HOWELL – A Publisher, in his 60s. Pleasant. Stout.
JOSHUA I. STILLER – A Poet, in his late 30s. Hot-tempered, bohemian.
MELVIN WATTS – A Biographer, in his early 40s.
LILY BAUER – Maude and Paul's daughter, in her mid-30s.

(Image by: Niina Cord)