Submissions and auditions for Face to Face

The Finn-Brit Players is launching Face to Face, a new spoken-word event in the style of Poetry & Jazz, but without music.

Face to Face will focus on monologues (first-person only) and dialogues, either stand-alone pieces or excerpts from longer works. Pieces should be in the range of about 1–6 minutes in length.

All texts must either be a) your own work, b) out of copyright, or c) otherwise available for performance without royalties. The focus will be on more modern works and you are usually able to perform a short monologue from a play under copyright as long as no entrance fee is charged. Please submit your suggestions freely – we will check copyright.

There will be one performance at Arkadia International Bookshop on Tuesday 31 May 2016. There will be three or four rehearsals starting in the second week of May, exact dates TBC with the cast, but probably a mixture of Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

If you’ve performed in Poetry & Jazz before, just email your suggested texts – in full – to Zoë (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view Sunday 1 May. If you’ve never performed in Poetry & Jazz before, please contact Zoë to arrange an audition time for your suggested texts, and also if you need any further information.