Auditions for a New York themed musical


fbp musical auditions 2019

Welcome to open auditions for a New York-themed musical directed by Adrian Goldman. (For more details, contact Adrian Goldman: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)

The performances will be one week in late August/early September, with a few rehearsals on weekends before summer to get a start on the music and dance, and intensive rehearsals in the two weeks prior to the show. Stephanie Carlson from the US will again be performing with us.

The auditions will be held on Saturday February 23rd from 12–5 (later if necessary) with callbacks on Sunday 24th from 12–4.

We will be doing individual auditions of 10 minutes, so please book a time via this Doodle poll: If you just show up on the day, you’ll have to wait for an available slot – but we promise to see everyone. If you really can’t make the Saturday, or if all the slots are taken, please email Adrian.

Press the FINNBRIT buzzer by the street door to be let in.

The auditions will include both a monologue and a song, while the callbacks will also include a dance. What follows is a lot of scary-sounding information – but please don’t be! Its purpose is to give you the best chance to put your best foot forward.

We would like you to either sing one of the following songs, or a song of your own choice. If you are singing a song of your own choice, please bring an mp3 accompaniment with you (preferably not karaoke style), as we will not have a rehearsal pianist present. Otherwise, you’ll have to sing a cappella.

Song choices:
1) "I never wanted to love you” from Falsettos
2) “Waving through a window” from Dear Evan Hansen
3) “Lonely town” from On the Town (Bernstein/Comden/Green)
All three songs can be found in multiple versions on YouTube and we will make the accompaniment music available.

In addition, we want you to have an audition monologue. You can either choose one of your own, or else we will have a couple to choose from at the auditions. They will be Moon’s monologue from The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard, or a monologue from The Faculty Lounge by Michael Schulman. The scripts for these will be available at the audition.

We will teach you a small section of “Four Jews in a Room Bitching” from Falsettos, along with the song to go with it for the dance audition. The video will be available before Callbacks. Please wear loose-fitting/dance clothes for the callbacks – skirts OK, sweats OK, tight jeans not OK for either sex.

The music we will use can be found on Spotify:
This is from the 1992 production... but we won’t take it at this crazy tempo!

See the section from 30s to 1 min 15 seconds. (You will not have to sing parts!)

It maybe seems a bit peculiar
We are psychopathic people
We sometimes tell a lie but mostly we just hide behind the door
We lie in wait for someone good to enter
We offer food and drinks
The lady never thinks
That we’re the mad we’re all but mad too often mad we’re very mad
But we’re the mad experimenters call us
Four Jews itching for answers
Four Jews bitching their whole life long

The musical is not going to be dance-heavy!

Acting group scenes
We will again use some of the same musical for callbacks, but not require any singing.